Thursday, September 22, 2011

On our way

We're currently sitting in the Bloomington Airport waiting on our flight to Detroit and then we will head out to London tonight.

Our primary goal when we get to Detroit is to see if we can upgrade class on the flight over. Don't know what the trick is, but I figure I'll ask. After that - beer. We where able to choose exit isles when we checked in which is a perfect backup plan of we can't get upgraded.

I realize the background on this thing is super lame and I'll do something about that once I can get down and cracking on the iPad. Sure they have WiFi for the flight over, so I'll pay the 15 bucks for 8 hrs and be entertained.

Jessie is a little sleepy and under the weather. We're going to power pack her up and she'll be good to go.


  1. ...and I am sitting watching chess matches. So unfair! And you don't have beer yet?!?!? Get Bessie some vitamin C and Jameson! Good luck on the upgrade and safe travels...

  2. ...and we expect to be slobbering over pictures of beer.....and food...

  3. Love you guys! Left a comment but I dont see it. Enjoy reading about the trip. xxxooo