Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The flight was long, but not entirely all that bad. We ended up keeping our exit elsie, which provided ample leg room, but ended up being pretty cold the entire flight. I'm not sure if it was worth the extra room being cold, but we got along.

Lesson 1: No upgrade at the check in desk. Asked and I did not receive. I saw the way those people fly...and I want that.

Got our "Oyster" card for the tube at the airport and started our 45 minute train ride to the hotel. We read that you should pick up the card before arriving, but found it was extremely easy to get at the airport.

Alright, enough of the boring details stuff. Got to our apartment and it is a pretty swanky set up. Full blown kitchen set up, washer/dryer, chill room, and milk. That's right - the bring you milk every day!

We hiked around our neighborhood quite a bit and found a market (which is basically what we would consider and outside mall). Had some lunch and got ourselves some beer. The food was alright...the beer was necessary.

After a nap and a trip to the grocery store, we now have food and beer.

After going back and forth on food options we ended up at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa. The food was really great - we just ended up killing a bunch of apps and having some wine an beer. It ranged from beef tartar, ribs, raw oysters 3 ways, chips (fries) in duck fat, crispy pork cheek, and a crab dish. Definitely a bounce back from lunch...and the sea food is on point. The place is right across the street from St. Paul Cathedral, so we had a great view with dinner.

Jess is still a little stuffy, so I'm telling her how food everything does or doesn't taste.

Over all - we are slightly confused about what day it is, but very optimistic about this city. People seem rad an we've already been asked for directions from someone with an english accent, so we must not look that lost.


  1. OMG SO AWESOME!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PIX!! Keep em' coming!! So crazy they bring you milk that place:) Have so much fun!! Glad we can tag along! Have some fish & chips for me! xoxo

  2. Are those oysters in the second picture? Pretty sure I could not handle those.

  3. YES! Glad to see you sporting a pint of Guinness Ace! hahaha....have you guys been tossing around a "bollucks" or "bugger" or two? The pictures are sweet...did you go into the butchery part of the restaurant? That menu looks quite brilliant:

    Take care, more fun, more pictures!