Monday, October 24, 2011


Really should have gotten this out before we left London, because Paris, which we arrived in on Sunday, has been a whirlwind thus far.

Saturday morning we hit up the Tate Modern Museum. They had some cool pieces, but the highlight was almost just the building. Everything was laid out in a fantastic way and they just seemed to keep building and building different structures onto the base. I believe it was a shipping building before its now existence as a museum.

Tate Modern was followed by afternoon tea at The Swan at the Globe. Jessie and me had a list of priorities for London and afternoon tea was very high on hers.

If you are unfamiliar, there is a tradition of grabbing afternoon tea around 2-3:00pm. It is well - tea, duh...along with finger sandwiches and mini deserts, that tide you over till dinner.

The Swan ended up being a great choice for us because it was just down the way from the Tate and they gave us an awesome seating area next to the window looking out over the Thames river walk. Being it was finger sandwiches, they weren't much to talk about, but the deserts where great and it really was just nice chilling and people watching in our last full day in the city.

The afternoon tea was followed by a trip back into Trafalger Square, where the NFL had set up an afternoon of events and speakers. By the time we made it down at 4:00, there wasn't much left to the event and we couldn't Coach Lovie anywhere! Marshal Faulk was in the house and is a pretty cool dude - but the event was pretty uneventful, minus the excitement of the Bears destroying the Bucs the next night - which we all now know happened.

Another item on the list was a play, but it got bumped because we where freakin exhausted! We settled for some quick Indian food, which was awesome and a trip to the movie theater.

The theater was quite an experience. Unlike any other "movie" theater we have at home, this one consisted of a bar, well multiple bars, a club with a live band, and possibly some sort o rave area which we never crossed.

We went and saw 'We Need To Talk About Kevin,' which I would never recommend to anyone currently raising children. The movie is about how a mother deals with life after her son commits a violent crime. Tilda Swinton is the mother and is really great in the movie. Impressively sad movie and extremely powerful.

Observation - European movie trailers consist of the entire movie. How do I know? We saw 'Drive' in Vegas and the trailer shown at the theater was every single important thing that happened in the movie wrapped up in 4 minutes. So technically we saw like 6 movies. Also, I don't think kids are allowed in the theater and everyone is quite and intent on watching the movie. I almost felt like leaving a tip afterwards because it was so nice to see a movie without wanting to kill someone in the theater for being an idiot.

The movie was followed by us packing up our stuff for the morning and then hitting the sack. We had a 11:30 flight to Paris and we didn't want to be late!


  1. Dude that pic of Jessie in her Bears sweatshirt drinking tea is more than awesome! Sounds like you guys had a great time in London! Thinking of you both everyday! Enjoy that city:)

  2. Fun fact: We Need to Talk About Kevin is one of only a few books I gave up on after the half-way point. It is tedious and poorly written! The more you know...