Monday, June 3, 2013

No way!

It's late here...I'm an idiot, because I just got done typing for an hour and stopped to look something up on the net to confirm my travel notes - like a dumbass, I didn't save my post and instead launched another app to fact check.  Now here I am, back in the blogger app, with all of my previous rumblings gone.  O well, I'll try to replace them tomorrow on the train ride to Munich and hopefully remember to be mindful of saving my work in the future.  

The skinny - Vienna is absolutely beautiful.  We have walked everywhere we have needed to go and have seen a tons!  Unfortunately, our lists are still full and we leave for Munich in the morning.  We could have definitely used more time in this great city and honestly we both agreed, given the chance we could easily live in this city.  Here are some pictures of our first day in Wien.  

Karntner Strasse - our hotel is located in this picture just behind the Starbucks there in the foreground.  Killer location.  


Hofburg Palace 

Famine Sculptue (?)

We got oriented with the city fairly and had one of my favorite moments in the city on our first night.  Feeling slightly out of place and fairly foreign, we ended up at dinner in a pact place and shared a table with another couple.  Seemingly German, we only shared a few glances with our table mates and a sort exchange throughout the duration of being served our dinner.  After eating, Jessica and I were discussing a possible apertif of Underburg (that's right) when, our table companion just decided to engage and recommended we try a true digestif.  This began a full blow 2 1/2 hour conversation with Heidi and Clause who are from Hamburg area and were in Wien for work - Clause is a gastrial surgeon.  It was so awesome on the first night to have someone just open up and teach us so much about the culture and share converaation, it definitely made is feel welcome.  

Alright I really need to get some sleep, but I've got some really cool stuff to share about Vienna when I get some time.  We leave for Munchin tomorrow, so maybe I can get some more done on the train.  

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  1. I'm stoked for you guys. I hope Munich is equally as awesome! And not under water!