Sunday, June 2, 2013


Prague is a fantastic city.  As we prepared for leaving last night, we all felt like we could have stayed for days on end and found plenty more to do.  That being a fact, we covered a ton of ground.  From the minute we got into Prague, we hit the streets and started exploring.  Since we covered so much, I'm going to just throw some highlights out there and in no particular order...but, since I must be missing my daily duties at work(?), here is something I've become accustomed to doing on a daily basis: 

-The people of Prague speak excellent English - to the point that I would highly recommend it as a starting point for people concerned about the language barrier.  
-Like most major European cities, public transportation is great.  Not completely without some hassles, but easy enough.  
-Navigating the streets can get difficult at times.  Get or bring a street map...and in some cases when that can get old, it's helpful to have some internets.  I bought a small data plan for my iPhone and Google maps never steered us wrong...and it uses a very small amount of data.  
-Prague is part of the EU, but is not on the Euro.  Their currency (Crowns) conversation is about 20:1.  For every 1 USD, you get 20 Crowns.  
-The city is relatively cheap - we stayed in a great apartment for around $100 USD a night.  
-Beer is insanely cheap and delicious! On average you pay 35 crowns for .5l of beer. That's under two bucks folks! 
-These people take their beer seriously - I was standing next to a dude around 8 this morning who had his tall boy at the train station having a tall boy with his breakfast.  This was a daily occurrence.  People drink beer like water, so "when in Rome.". 
-The food we had was great and covered a wide variety of cuisines.  We leveraged travel books (mostly Rick Steve's) and hit up Trip Advisor a couple of times for suggestions and had great luck.   
-Travel with people you like.  Sarah and Jessica definitely had done their homework and had a multitude of ideas.  

Sites visited/Activites in Czech Republic: 
-Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour
-Charles Bridge
-Old Town Square
-Prague Castle 
-Mucha Museum
-Jewish Quarter 
-National Gallery (specifically for Mucha's "Slav Epic" installation)
-Prague Beer Festival
-Prague Bike Tour
-Palladium Mall (weird massive underground mall)
-Municipal House 
-A multitude of restruants, food stands, cafe's, and pubs.  
-Prepare for rain, because getting a little wet shouldn't stop you from seeing things.

My favorite view where from the castle.  There were a couple of lookout rooms that you could just engulf yourself overlooking Prauge.  The "Slav Epic" installation was inspiring and probably one of the coolest exhibits I've seen anywhere.  The bike tour ended up being a confirmation that we had done well traveling in the city.  We finally got to go on one on out last day, because of rain, and we had been most of the places it covered.  It was still totally worth it, because our guide taught us plenty of new tidbits that we had not known.  


Panoramic from the castle
Pork knuckle!

Charles Bridge
Astronomical Clock

St. Virus @ Castle Prague

Pork pork. 
Jewish Quarter
Beer Festival
Municipal House
Bike Tour send off
Old Town Square

Mucha's Slav Epic

We're in Wien now and had a great first night.  More on Vienna later.

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